Our Style

Documentary Wedding Photography


No Two Weddings Are The Same . . .

Your Big Day Is Uniquely Yours . . .

We do not create moments – we patiently wait for them to happen . . .

Wedding Photography style: Our style is fun and relaxed. It’s a mixture of documentary wedding photography and creative photo journalism. We do take beautiful portraits of bride and groom – we love to take you out to capture romantic sunset or great ambient of your wedding venue. But we do not wan’t to take you away from the guest for to long.

There is nothing worst than photographers who are bossing around, telling you and your guests where to stand, how to smile, etc, trying to create atmosphere. This is not us – we are there to capture happy moments as they naturally unfolds, because every wedding is a wonderful and unique experience. We do take group shots as well and important pictures of bridal party, because this are fun and memorable moments every bride is waiting for, but we keep it to a minimum, to have connections between newlyweds and their guest alive.

Blending within your guests

We are not gonna show up at your wedding dressed like film production crew, having 7 cameras each, logos on uniforms, etc. – we will be dressed smart, blending within your friends and family, having fun with them. We love to be part of your wedding to experience same feeling and capture moments naturally. We love to become friends with your guests – it is a great way to make them relax in front of our cameras and make them forget that we are there at all.

Weddings are all about the people and connections between them. And we are there to photograph that.

We love natural wedding photography capture and believe this is the way to show true Wedding Story – as it’s naturally unfolds. Every Wedding got it’s own story. Every and each is unique, brings memories, which frozen on photographs will last a lifetime. There is a story within every story to be told.

By blending within guests, we are able to capture real emotions and a real people, who trully enjoy the moment.


Natural Wedding Photography

We are Karolina & Zibi

We are husband and wife team who loves to travel and tell stories thru images. We love drinking coffee, eating great food (always trying different diets lol) and having red wine. We are proud members of English Heritage and National Trust and we aim to visit all their estates.

We love photography, because we love people…

Welcome friend… we are so glad you are here.